Ubuntu 14.04 Swiss Keyboard Problem

After updating to Ubuntu 14.04 I experienced some serious annoyances / problems with the keyboard layout. My swiss keyboard was always put back to the english layout. After a few unsuccessfull attempts I was able to manage the get it…

Decypher Salted OpenSSL Files with C++

I like my encrypted files salty: Especially when stored in the cloud this add protection against rainbow table attacks. Usually I encrypt my files therefore with: openssl aes-256-cbc -salt infile -out outfile It took my quite a while to figure…

Backing up Baikal via SSH

Just a one-liner for backing up Baikal remotely: ssh -C {REMOTE_USER}@{REMOTE_ADRESS} ‘mysqldump –user={MYSQL_USER} –password={MYSQL_PASSWORD} {BAIKAL_MYSQL_DATABASE} | bzip2 -c’ > baikal-backup.sql.bz2 – Needless to say that you need to add the public key of your client to servers known_keys (see here).

CalDav and CardDav Server on Raspberry Pi

In my attempt to reduce my dependencies of external cloud providers of caldav/carddav (PIM) solutions I’ve been trying out a few different servers on my raspberry pi. Among the options I’d tried were CalendarServer from Apple, ownCloud, Radicale and Baïkal….