RSync Support on Zyxel nsa325-v2 NAS

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Unfortunetly the Zyxel nsa325-v2 NAS doesn’t anymore support rsync capabilities out of the box. It can be reinstalled though (even on the latest firmware 4.80) with the help of the ffp package.

To be able to use it I added a file called “web_prefix” containing the following line into the admin/zy-pkgs folder:

Afterwards I was able to install the ffp package, and with it rsync, after a refresh of the package list.

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    • 25th November 2015, 1:44 pm- REPLY

      This is not completely true: I just had to reconfigure my NSA325V2 for other reasons and wanted to use it solely as a rsync backup-target (server), to backup my whole stuff from the main NAS, which is a Synology DS215+. This was very easy:

      1. Install the original Zyxel backup planner (just install, no need to configure anything) and enable SSH access (don’t know, if this is needed, but did it anyway).
      2. Create the same admin user on both NAS with same password.
      3. Create a normal rsync backupt task in the GUI of the Synology NAS – choose IP of NSA325, admin and regular admin password for credentials, name this job somehow and let the rsync-client on the Synology NAS do the rest.

      Works like a charm. The necessary directories are created automagically and files are backed up via the DSM gui on the Synology NAS. The first backup is pretty slow, but who cares.

      Another fine side-effect: The backup-files are not visible via Windows in the network neighborhood – there is no windows share so no user can mix it up or ocasionally delete them. And you do not have to be concerned about the write-permissions, which is very annoying to me in “normal” rsync usage.

    • 31st August 2017, 4:44 pm- REPLY

      That is not a problem to set Zyxel NSA325-v2 NAS as a Backdestination for a QNAP TS-431.
      On Zyxel I have installed Zyxel –> System –> Paket –> BackupPlaner (just installed no need to configure it)
      On QNAP TS-431 open Backup Station and goto RSYNC- Backup and configure your backups with NSA325 as destination
      it works – slow, but itworks

    • 10th November 2018, 12:01 am- REPLY

      There is another way to solve this as well. Just install Hyper Backup. Its in the Synology package center.
      Start the application
      Choose data backup task
      Choose rsync copy (single version)
      And then its pretty much straight foward, you get to add the ip for the destination, the destinations username and password, the path to the destination folder etc etc.
      Works like a charm!