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Ethereum mining on Ubuntu

/ Sven Boesiger / Blockchain

Due to the attractive price of Ethereum these days is decided to start mining the cryptocurrency once more – after some experience with Bitcoin back in 2013. I calculated this morning that at a price of 220 CHF/ETH, I end up with 0.06 CHF profit/h (that is mining-revenue minus hourly energy costs).

Mining on Ubuntu
In order to get my Ubuntu system ready to do the heavy lifting, I installed in a quite complicated effort Ethminer (had to compile it manually from the source). Unfortunetly the miner didn’t manage to find so called “shares” for the different mining pools I tested (Ethmine, Nanopool, etc.) and was hence unsuccessful.

Nevertheless “Claymore Dual ETH miner” did the job. Although it demands about 1% of calculation power as a tribute for using it, it was terribly easy to install and to run.